1186 Baldwin Ave. Pontiac, MI 48340
(248)335-9541  (248)334-5616
FAX (248) 335-9252
Serving Our Customers Since 1939
From 1939 until 1941, the company's first location was a
small 2-pump Sinclair filling station at 695 Baldwin
Avenue in Pontiac, Michigan. In 1941 the company
relocated to 1324 Baldwin Avenue, after singing with the
Socony Vacuum Oil Company, later adding service and
lunch to the operations until 1951. In 1943 the first
wrecker was purchased, a 1939 Ford one-ton with a
Manley hand operated boom and winch. In 1946 they
purchased a new 1946 Studebaker 1 1/2 ton truck, the
first truck available after World War II. Christened
"Wrecker Number Two"  this Studebaker was sent to the
Ashton Wrecker Company at 1701 Lafayette in Detroit,
Michigan where it had the first extended boom wrecker
ever made installed on it. In 1951 Adlers built a new
Mobil gas station and service bays at 1186 Baldwin
Avenue, the location of the company still to this day.
Boyd went to work at Adlers in 1943 at age 13. 17 years
later in 1959 at age 30, Boyd bought the company from
Mr. Adler. In 1982 the company becomes a corporation
as Adlers Service, Inc., Taking on a bored as a partner
Boyd's son James, already an employee and ready for
some more responsibility. Over the years the company
continued to purchase many more wreckers such as a
1952 Jeep pick-up wrecker, a 1955 GMC Ashton
wrecker, a 1960 one ton Ashton, as well as many more.
Currently the company operates a variety of some 30
units such as wreckers, flatbeds, semi tractors and
trailers. Still growing the company employs 35 full time
people. A police impound yard has served the city of
Pontiac since 1954 with two storage yards. Boyd today is
retired, and his son James runs the company as the
President and General Manager.